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What is Top Agent Academy?
Top Agent Academy is a real estate apprenticeship program created by Philip Simonetta, P.A. to truly revolutionize the real estate industry one agent at a time. 

Following many years in real estate, business, finance, and consulting, Philip defined the need for in depth training of the real estate industry.

It is time to put an end to the same routines with the same trainers and company propaganda. For that reason Philip created this program for his own real estate group.
What makes Top Agent Academy different then other training programs around for years?
Top Agent Academy is an intense 12 month apprenticeship program help physically in Miami, Florida. 
You will be mentored and worked with one on one in creating real estate systems and applying them physically to your business operation.

You will work with Philip to set and complete listing & buyer contracts by shadowing live appointments

 Real Estate Fundamentals
Click Photo: to watch a short video about the real estate fundamentals and systems Philip Simonetta will teach you.  Apply these to your career for unlimited potential. 
The Psychology Of A Cold Call
Click Photo: To see a short video to learn about the psychology of a cold call.  In the Top Agent Academy training Philip Simonetta teaches how to communicate instantly all through psychology and personality type training.  Find out how here!
Why Top Agent Academy?
Click Photo: to watch a short video about why Philip Simonetta created Top Agent Academy.  Learn how to apply the fundamentals of real estate and combine them with proven strategies and systems.
Meet Philip Simonetta, P.A.
Click Photo: to watch a short video to meet Philip Simonetta.  the creator of Top Agent Academy.  The World's First Real Estate Apprenticeship program.  
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