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This Free Seminar walks you through and explains the Disc Profile.  Guiding you on how to apply the technology to your business and life.  This is a Free gift from me to you.  I truly want you to be the best and most productive person as possible.  Please pay it forward!  Any questions or comments email me at: PhilSimonetta@gmail.com
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DISC Profile Seminar
Watch an episode of The Real Estate Marketing Guy Podcast . In this episode Philip Simonetta, P.A. shares his vision & motivations behind creating The Simonetta Group on the foundation of honesty, integrity, & service. On this episode Philip Simonetta discusses The Disc Profile Technology and how he applies it to his business.
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DISC Profile in Real Estate
Philip Simonetta. P.A. And Greg McDaniel from Real Estate Uncensored speaking about incorporating the real estate business and the DISC Profile Technology.  Enjoy a great presentation and learn multiple techniques that will allow you to increase and create a real estate career you dream of.  For more information visit www.ComeSeeUsToday.com
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The Simonetta Group & Top Agent Academy take our commitment to integrity and service very seriously. We only learn from & use the best resources in every industry committed to excellence, higher education, and growth potential. This DISC profile is the tool of choice for DISC Personality profiling provided by Tony Robbins
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